Defiance ETFs – 5 EV Stocks of 2023

As the automotive industry undergoes a significant shift from internal combustion engines to electric power, a wealth of investment opportunities is emerging.

The momentum in the EV sector is underpinned by global efforts to reduce carbon emissions, advancements in battery technology, and robust government incentives. With ambitious targets for EV adoption set by governments worldwide, the sector is ripe for rapid expansion.

Defiance’s 5 EV Stocks to watch:

  1. Tesla: With its continuous innovation, robust technology infrastructure, expansive supercharger network, and ventures into energy storage and solar power, Tesla asserts its dominance in the EV market.
  2. NIO: Holding a strong foothold in China, the world’s largest EV,1 NIO offers a promising investment case. NIO’s unique Battery-as-a-Service offering could potentially disrupt the industry’s landscape.
  3. Rivian: Rivian’s focus on electric trucks and SUVs allows it to tap into an underserved market segment. Its partnerships with industry behemoths such as Amazon and Ford further enhance its growth potential.2
  4. Xpeng Motors: Xpeng’s dedication to integrating autonomous driving technology and smart features into their EVs is manufacturing with the demands of the next generation of consumers in mind. This focus on smart EVs offers investors a unique opportunity.
  5. LI Auto: LI Auto’s Extended-Range Electric Vehicles provide a novel solution to the ‘range anxiety’ typically associated with EVs. By offering vehicles that can run on both gasoline and electric power, LI Auto provides an appealing transitional solution for consumers.

Defiance’s Pure Electric Vehicle ETF, EVXX, offers access to the five largest EV companies globally – current holdings include Tesla, Nio, Rivian, LI Auto, and Xpeng. EVXX is the first ETF in the electric vehicle (“EV”) sector to target pure exposure to EV manufacturers, providing long-term investors with direct and concentrated access to the fastest-growing electric vehicle companies.

The Defiance Pure Electric Vehicle ETF (the “Fund”) seeks to provide investment results, before fees and expenses, that track the performance of a basket of common shares, which are equally-weighted on a quarterly basis, of the five largest (by market capitalization) electric vehicle manufacturers (the “Underlying Securities”) included in the Solactive Pure US Electric Vehicle Index (the “Pure EV Index”).

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