Defiance ETFs’ Dellaquila On Investing in 5G

Paul Dellaquila, President, Defiance ETFs met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss the first 5G ETFFIVG.

Defiance, a thematic ETF company, is capturing the attention of younger investors who are interested in the technological sector. With a focus on disruptive technology innovations and global sustainability, Defiance exposes investors to modern, forward-thinking companies. Located in New York, they have roughly $360M in total assets and two ETFs.

Defiance ETFs offers the first-ever 5G ETF: Defiance Next Gen Connectivity ETF (FIVG). FIVG allows investors to access the companies that are researching, developing, and commercializing the systems and materials necessary for 5G. Defiance strives to have holdings in the technological innovations and processes that will become commonplace in the future. FIVG was one of the most successful new ETFs in 2019, generating a healthy return in its first year. Additionally, it is one of the lowest cost thematic ETFs, with an annual fee of 0.30%. Defiance ETFs also provides the Defiance Quantum ETF (QTUM). QTUM’s holdings are focusing on quantum computing, a subset of AI which works to improve and quicken Machine Learning. QTUM presents investors with the opportunity to acquire smaller companies in the industry that have a greater potential for expansion. With $30.97M in assets, QTUM’s average annual returns are 26.94%.

The President of Defiance ETF Paul Dellaquila advocates for “ETFs built for the next generation.” Dellaquila oversees distribution and product development at Defiance. Before his time at Defiance, Dellaquila served as the head of iShares Private Group sales desk for BlackRock. He is licensed as a Certified Investment Management Analyst and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst.