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Our 5G ETF targets companies that are leading the charge towards unprecedented connectivity, with the potential to change how we live, work and pursue leisure. Much more than a faster cell phone, 5G connectivity could disrupt businesses, travel, industry and more, bringing efficiencies, and enhancing sustainability. FIVG holdings traverse the range of companies involved in the 5G rollout, from telecommunications and semi-conductors, to fiber optic cables, new radio technology and real estate investment trusts.

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Undefined yet boundless. This is how some characterized the first PCs, and how others now describe quantum computing. Next generation computing is set to support transformative advances in the cloud, machine learning and artificial intelligence, among others. QTUM lets investors in on this exciting journey.

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Hydrogen is a zero-emission fuel with global government and industry recognition. It is widely recognized as a clean, green and sustainable energy source. Defiance’s hydrogen ETF holdings include globally listed equities and companies who generate at least 50% of their revenue from their involvement in the development of hydrogen-based energy sources, fuel cell technologies and industrial gases.

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The desire to connect, experience and explore has been restrained through lockdowns and closures, and is now bursting to return. The $8.9 trillion global travel and tourism industry is ready for a recovery and CRUZ is positioned as the travel reopening trade. CRUZ is a Hotel, Airline, and Cruise ETF that offers investors exposure to a cross section of companies primarily engaged in the passenger airline, hotel and cruise industries.

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Defiance’s Daily Short Digitizing the Economy ETF conveniently and cost-effectively aims to reflect the inverse performance of BLOK, the Amplify Transformational Data ETF, on a daily basis. The Fund is designed to be utilized only by knowledgeable investors who understand the risks associated with the use of shorting and are willing to monitor their portfolios frequently. The Fund is not intended to be used by, and is not appropriate for, investors who do not intend to actively monitor and manage their portfolios, and that an investor could lose the full principal value of their investment within a single day.

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