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The 5G rollout has already begun, but even early adopters can’t be sure exactly how it will transform how we live, work and pursue leisure. As 5G gears up to provide unprecedented connectivity with the scope for autonomous driving, remote medicine and smart cities, our 5G ETF provides exposure to this dynamic potential.

Much more than a faster cell phone, 5G connectivity could disrupt businesses, travel, industry and more, bringing efficiencies, and enhancing sustainability. FIVG allows you to invest in this space while mitigating some of the risk of over exposure to any one company. FIVG holdings traverse the range of companies involved in the 5G rollout, from telecommunications and semi-conductors, to fiber optic cables, new radio technology and real estate investment trusts.

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Junior biotech companies with big ideas are paving the way towards the future of medicine. Cancer-treatments, covid vaccines, ground-breaking diagnostics and paradigm-shifting medicines often originate in this dynamic space.

Financial backers and the regulatory environment are both aligned to support extensive R&D and M&A activity in biotech stocks. IBBJ offers exposure to the small-cap firms leading the innovation in either biotechnology or pharmaceuticals.

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Quantum supremacy signals the next generation of computing. QTUM includes companies at the cutting edge of quantum computing (QC), cloud computing, machine learning and other transformative computing technologies.

The ETF offers exposure to the tech that could enable unprecedented applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. In contrast to traditional computers that process possible solutions one at a time, QCs can consider multiple possibilities simultaneously, supporting computational power that has been physically impossible until now.

QTUM spreads your exposure over a range of companies in this disruptive space, helping you mitigate some risk while targeting your investment towards a future that has been analogized to that of the first PCs – undefined yet boundless.

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Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) disrupt and democratize the IPO market. They bring the next gen investor in to deals that make public some of the most ambitious and innovative companies. As a unique and accessible vehicle for gathering investment capital, SPACs have moved beyond the hype and are an accepted alternative to the traditional IPO process.

Defiance launched the first SPAC ETF to provide exposure to this disruptive space, while mitigating the risk of picking individual SPAC winners. SPAK gives financial advisors and retail investors access to an IPO private equity style of investing that used to only be available to large financial institutions. 60% of SPAK holdings are new public companies derived from SPACs, and 40% are allocated to shares in SPACs that are yet to identify their target.

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Hydrogen is widely recognized as a clean, green and sustainable energy source. In contrast to other alternative energies, hydrogen can provide sufficient, consistent and cost-effective energy supply. Green hydrogen is a zero-emission fuel, whose sole waste product is water. Global political will supports a clean energy future and governments are already investing billions and legislating towards decarbonization. Bank of America suggests that hydrogen will generate 24% of our energy needs and create as much as $11 trillion in investment opportunities by 2050.1

Defiance’s hydrogen ETF seeks to capture the investment potential in clean energy. Its holdings include globally listed equities and of companies, who generate at least 50% of their revenue from their involvement in the development of hydrogen-based energy sources, fuel cell technologies and industrial gases. It offers exposure to those driving potentially transformative energy production and leading the way to a more sustainable, decarbonized, greener future.

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Psychedelics have been tapped as a potential game-changer in the search for non-addictive, short term mental health interventions with minimal side effects. The FDA declared psilocybin a “breakthrough” therapy in 2018 and 2019 and research has found it and medical ketamine effective in treating sufferers of anxiety, PTSD, OCD, eating disorders, depression and others.

The growth potential for psychedelics lies in their contribution to a global medicine market whose current paradigms do not support effective treatment in many areas. Regulatory and financial will are aligned to bring these treatments to patients, opening up a massive potential market.

Defiance has identified the disruptive scope of therapeutic psychedelics, and offers PSY to allow investors to target this dynamic space without over exposure to any single company. PSY holdings must have a minimum market capitalization of $75 million, and operate in the production, distribution, or services related to medical psychedelics, medical cannabis or other medicinal drugs and their derivatives.

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As vaccines are rolled out and the imminent pandemic threat begins to wane, travel emerges as a key element in the reopening economy. The desire to connect, experience and explore has been restrained through lockdowns and closures, and is now bursting to return.

With safeguarding procedures, flexible booking and overhauled policies, we are beginning to see the return of flight travel, hotel reservations and cruise bookings. The $8.9 trillion global travel and tourism industry is ready for a recovery and CRUZ is positioned as the travel reopening trade.

CRUZ is a Hotel, Airline, and Cruise ETF that offers retail and institutional investors exposure to a cross section of companies primarily engaged in the passenger airline, hotel and cruise industries.

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Big Data is everywhere. It is created in every online action and interaction, every device or sensor in the wave of digitization sweeping through sectors as disparate as industry, farming, government and healthcare.

To convert big data into actionable data, to maximize and monetize it, this new resource requires transformed capacity and techniques of data management. Hybrid cloud-hosting, machine learning, artificial intelligence-driven analysis and data-powered innovation are all offshoots of this data explosion.

Defiance offers BIGY as a big data and cloud computing ETF, to give investors exposure to the companies disrupting a range of industries with their innovative analysis and application of big data. BIGY holdings must generate most of their revenue or operating activity from solutions focused on: database management, data platforms, dev-ops, big data analytics, or API management.

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