TickerNameCUSIPETF WeightShares
PLUGPlug Power Inc72919P2029.50%122,509
BLDPBallard Pwr Sys Inc New0585861086.51%141,752
ITM LNItm PowerB0130H45.88%362,592
NEL NONel AsaB02NR835.87%1,080,799
336260 KSDoosan Fuel CellBH4G7R85.45%44,992
BEBloom Energy Corp0937121075.37%86,598
CWR LNCeres Power HldgsBG5KQW05.28%132,374
LINLinde PlcG5494J1034.77%5,464
PCELL SSPowercell SwedenBTHH8L34.42%70,831
HTOOFusion Fuel Green PlcG3R25D1184.24%108,112
CI B SSCell Impact AbB9CD0V04.20%258,802
AFC LNAfc EnergyB18S7B24.07%1,891,859
F3C GRSfc Energy AgB12DGD84.06%43,518
XBC CNXebec Adsorption IncB058XM13.99%433,505
ACH NOAker Clean HydrogeBMG7J903.81%1,669,736
FCELFuelcell Energy Inc35952H6013.74%208,129
HPUR NOHexagon Purus AsaBN7FJV23.68%346,175
ADNAdvent Technologies Holdng Inc Com Cl A00788A1053.27%147,557
MCPHY FPMcphy EnergyBKF1Y612.84%49,400
288620 KSS-fuelcellBFD20N02.75%32,277
GNCL ITGencell LtdBMFKMY61.99%169,332
EFUEL NOEverfuel A/sBMVMC351.38%63,243
PHE LNPowerhouse Enrg GpB4WQVY41.15%8,343,555
PPS LNProton Motor PowerB140Y110.81%455,291
Cash&OtherCash & OtherCash&Other0.71%248,146
DYA CNDynacert IncB8KTJ270.27%328,000
Data as of 08/02/2021. Fund holdings are subject to change at any time and should not be considered recommendations to buy or sell any security.
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