Disruptive investing isn’t constrained by traditional investment parameters, such as company size, region or sector. Instead, it focuses on identifying long-term fundamental trends, and then pinpointing the companies best positioned to drive those changes or benefit from them.
As in any emerging sector, it can be difficult to spot winners and losers. By investing in Defiance ETFs, the next generation of investors gain precise exposure to a specific disruptive theme, while seeking to avoid the risks of overexposure to a single company. Investor access to these emerging sectors was limited to venture capital and initial public offerings. Now, through exchange-traded funds (ETFs), it is possible for any investor to advance and benefit from the key developments shaping our future.
Defiance ETFs was founded on the principle of giving all investors access to global, low-cost*, targeted portfolios tied to transformative trends. Rooted in our distinct approach to disruptive investing, our ETFs seek to empower investors to be on the leading edge of tomorrow’s trends.