Defiance Nasdaq 100 Income Target ETF

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Aim to achieve a target annual income of 20% in the Nasdaq 100 using options, paid out monthly***

Strategy Overview

QQQT is an actively managed exchange-traded fund (“ETF”) dedicated to generating current income. Our strategy revolves around holding shares of ETFs that track the Nasdaq 100’s performance and engaging in the selling of daily credit call spreads on the Index.

Enhanced Potential Yield

Our options strategy involves selling a call option while simultaneously buying another call option at a higher strike price. By focusing on short-term options, we aim to offer an “enhanced” yield compared to traditional option-based strategies.

Income Generation

QQQT’s investment approach is meticulously designed to generate income through option premiums derived from selling Index call spreads, the primary driver of the Fund’s yield. We sell at-the-money or near-the-money call spreads to retain upside growth potential and aim for a target annual income level of 20%.


Each day, QQQT sells credit call spreads on the Nasdaq 100, prioritizing options with near-term expiration. This entails selling call options at or near the money strike prices and buying call options above that strike price. Should the Nasdaq 100 value rise above the upper strike price, QQQT stands to profit from further upside appreciation in the Index’s value.

*** The fund intends to pay distributions, if any, on a monthly basis.

Fund Details

Data as of 07/17/2024
Net Assets $5.94M
Premium/discount 0.16%
NAV $19.80
Closing Price $19.83
Shares Outstanding 300,000
Median 30 Day Spread 0.20%
Fund inception 06/20/24
Ticker QQQT
Primary Exchange NASDAQ
CUSIP 88636J576
Fund Holdings 5
Expense Ratio 1.05%
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Name Symbol Stock price % Net assets Shares Held Market Value
Invesco Qqq Trust Series 1 QQQ $479.49 112.73% 17,365 $8,326,344
First American Government Obligations Fund 12/01/2031 FGXXX $100.00 1.42% 105,204 $105,204
Ndxp Us 07/22/24 C19690 NDXP 240722C19690000 $155.40 0.84% 4 $62,160
Ndxp Us 07/22/24 C19650 NDXP 240722C19650000 $178.60 -0.97% -4 $-71,440
Cash & Other Cash&Other $1.00 -14.03% -1,036,313 $-1,036,313
Data as of 07/19/2024. Fund holdings are subject to change at any time and should not be considered recommendations to buy or sell any security.
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Declaration Date Ex-Div Date Record Date Payable Date Amount ($)
7/31/2024 8/1/2024 8/1/2024 8/5/2024 $x
8/30/2024 9/3/2024 9/3/2024 9/5/2024 $x
9/30/2024 10/1/2024 10/1/2024 10/3/2024 $x
10/31/2024 11/1/2024 11/1/2024 11/4/2024 $x
11/29/2024 12/2/2024 12/2/2024 12/4/2024 $x
12/30/2024 12/31/2024 12/31/2024 1/5/2025 $x
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