HDRO launched on March 9, 2021.

Clean energy, decarbonization and sustainability have become global priorities. Science has met the challenge of harnessing affordable, green hydrogen energy, storing and transporting it safely and proving its commercial viability. The hydrogen market is expected to attract an estimated $1 trillion of investment over the next 30 years.1 Defiance’s HDRO offers investors exposure to these disruptive developments.

1 “Thematic Investing: The Special 1 – Hydrogen primer,” Bank of America Securities, Global Research, 23 September 2020, p.1.


HDRO can be purchased through most self-directed broker dealers, or a financial advisor who you may already be working with.

HDRO’s expense ratio is 0.30%

HDRO is traded on the New York Stock Exchange

HDRO seeks to track the composition of the BlueStar Global Hydrogen & Next Gen Fuel Cell Index. This is maintained by the BlueStar Indexes company.

HDRO includes globally listed equities in the hydrogen and fuel cell segment. Eligible companies must generate at least 50% of their revenue from hydrogen and/or fuel cell projects, or be involved in the development of fuel cell technologies or hydrogen-based energy sources (including the production of industrial gases, so long as hydrogen is included in the company’s product line), with the potential for these to generate 50% of their revenue or play a significant role in the global hydrogen or fuel cell segment.

Yes! Defiance also sponsors FIVG, the first 5G ETF; QTUM, the next generation computing ETF and CRUZ, the travel reopening ETF.