QTUM launched on September 4, 2018.

Defiance seeks to provide next gen investors with exposure to the disruptive trends of tomorrow. The evolution of Quantum Computing and its applications have been analogized to that of the PC, whose development and full functionality were not predicted when it was first developed.  Innovation in QC, which will support the processing of big data in ways that have not been possible before, is directly linked to developments in Machine Learning, which itself relies upon machines gathering, absorbing and optimizing vast amounts of data. Early utilization is therefore likely to be in drug discovery, the optimization of complex systems, artificial intelligence, risk management, retail, cyber security, materials science, defense, energy, and logistics.

QTUM can be purchased through most self-directed broker dealers, or a financial advisor who you may already be working with.

QTUM’s expense ratio is 0.40%

QTUM is traded on the New York Stock Exchange

QTUM seeks to track the composition of the BlueStar Quantum Computing and Machine Learning Index. This is maintained by the BlueStar Indexes company.

QTUM is comprised of equity securities of leading global companies engaged in the research and development or commercialization of systems and materials used in quantum computing: advanced traditional computing hardware, high powered computing data connectivity solutions and cooling systems, and companies that specialize in the perception, collection and management of heterogeneous big data used in machine learning.

Companies must have a free-float-adjusted market capitalization of at least $150 million, a six-month average daily value traded of at least $250,000, a free float percentage greater than 10% and an average bid-ask spread of less than 1%.

Index components are assigned an equal weight subject to a liquidity overlay, index components are reviewed semi-annually for eligibility, and the weights are reset accordingly.

Yes! Defiance also sponsors FIVG, the first 5G ETF; HDRO, the first US-listed hydrogen ETF and CRUZ, the travel reopening ETF.